Our Story

Leola’s Kitchen. The name comes from my Grandma —one of the greatest Soul Food Cooks in the world. Nothing was better than the smell of her kitchen. As a little girl, I used to sit in a chair next to the oven and watch her create magic. In Southern Families, it was her food that brought us together.

A black and white photo of an older woman.

Fusion on Wheels

Now, that cherished heritage comes to life at Leola's Kitchen, a food truck startup. The menu reflects our Southern roots infused with influences from around the world during my 21 years in the Army.

A plate of food with eggs and meat on top.
Southern Bell Benedict


Serving Austin to San Antonio and the areas in between, including Fort Cavazos and Fort Sam Houston, Leola's Kitchen invites you to experience the warmth, tradition, and global influences that make every meal a journey worth savoring. Keep up-to-date with the locations to experience true soul food fusion.

Pending our inspection in Bell and Coryell Counties, our next event will be The Interactive Market Days at The Charming Haven on 27 July 4-9 pm.  We should have a permanent location soon.

Our online store is coming!